As we launch the ninth edition of Pathologic Basis of Disease we look to the future of pathology as a discipline and how this textbook can remain most useful to readers in the twenty-first century. It is obvious that an understanding of disease mechanisms is based more than ever on a strong foundation of basic science.

We have always woven the relevant basic cell and molecular biology into the sections on pathophysiology in various chapters. In this edition we go one step further and introduce a new chapter at the very beginning of the book titled “The Cell as a Unit of Health and Disease.” In this chapter we have attempted to encapsulate aspects of cell and molecular biology that we believe are helpful in preparing readers for the more detailed discussions of specific diseases. We would like to remind readers that the last time a new chapter was added to this book was in 1967 when Stanley Robbins, at that time the sole author, decided to add a chapter on genetic diseases, one of many farsighted decisions by Dr. Robbins. We hope that the new chapter will be in keeping with his legacy.

Medicine Book Free: Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease - 9th Edition
Medicine Book Free: Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease – 9th Edition

We hope we continue to illustrate the principles of pathology that Dr. Robbins enunciated with such elegance and clarity over half a century ago. This edition, like all previous ones, has been extensively revised, and some areas have been completely rewritten. A few examples of significant changes are as follows:

A feature new to this edition is the introduction of Key Concepts boxes, scattered in each chapter to summarize “take home” messages relating to major topics covered in each disease or disease group.

• Chapter 2 has been updated to include novel pathways of cell death beyond the long-established pathways of necrosis and apoptosis. Indeed, the distinction between these two is being blurred. Autophagy, which has begun to take center stage in diseases ranging from aging to cancer and neurodegeneration, has been revised, as have the possible molecular mechanisms of aging

Chapter 3 now combines the discussion of inflammation with repair, since these two processes run concurrently and share common mediators.


We have repeatedly been told by readers that up-todatedness is a special feature that makes this book very valuable. We have strived to remain current by providing new information from the recent literature, some from 2014, the current year. We have removed the references from the text and aggregated the most useful review articles in our lists of suggested readings

All three of us have reviewed, critiqued, and edited each chapter to ensure the uniformity of style and flow that have been the hallmarks of the book. Together, we hope that we have succeeded in equipping the readers with the scientific basis for the practice of medicine and in whetting their appetite for learning beyond what can be offered in any textbook.

Medicine Book Free: Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease – 9th Edition



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