I am grateful to my colleagues at Drexel University College of Medicine who generously shared their expertise to help make this book as accurate and as useful to medical students as possible. I am particularly appreciative of the many helpful comments of Dr. Åke Rökaeus of the Karolinska Institute as they have enhanced the accuracy of this work.

In addition, the author thanks Dr. Susan K. Fried and Dr. Richard B. Horenstein for their valuable contributions to the Obesity chapter in previous editions of this text. A special thank you to Dr. Alan Katz for his helpful comments on the clinical aspects of the cases in the Appendix. Ms. Barbara Engle was an invaluable sounding board throughout the process.

Medicine Book Free: Lippincotts Biochemistry 6th Edition
Medicine Book Free: Lippincotts Biochemistry 6th Edition

The editors and production staff of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins were an important source of encouragement. I particularly want to acknowledge the contributions of Susan Ryner, the Acquisitions Editor, and Angela Collins, the Managing Editor. Many thanks are due to Kelly Horvath, Development Editor, for her assistance in the final editing of this book. I also want to thank Deborah McQuade for her work in the assembly of the 6th edition.

Medicine Book Free: Lippincotts Biochemistry 6th Edition



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