The past decade has witnessed remarkable progress in surgical pathology. The ability of contemporary surgical pathologists to reach a definite diagnosis has been greatly enhanced by innovative immunohistochemical techniques and markers.

Information useful in the practice of pathology may not be readily accessible in the daily sign-out. An up-to-date handbook that contains information relevant to the establishment of accurate diagnoses would be of immense practical value. Therefore, we have concentrated on setting forth basic diagnostic criteria and differential diagnoses that will help our readers ensure accurate diagnoses.

Medicine Book Free: Essentials of Anatomic Pathology

Essentials of Anatomic Pathology is intended to provide a concise review of anatomic pathology for all pathologists in training as well as practicing pathologists, integrating the many recent advances in diagnostic surgical pathology. The book is organized to allow easy reference for daily practice, and is intended to aid residents who are preparing for Anatomic Pathology Boards and in-service examinations. It will prove a useful resource not only for medical students, but also for anyone interested in pathology.

Part I covers general anatomic pathology, including diagnostic molecular pathology, human genetic disorders, microbiology for surgical pathologists, diagnostic electron microscopy, forensic pathology, and cytopathology. Part II is classified by organ system, and covers all the important diagnostic features of common medical diseases and tumors. The pertinent clinical information, salient diagnostic features, relevant ancillary data (for example, immunohistochemical profiles), main differential diagnoses, and most recent tumor-staging information are presented for each disease, in a consistently user-friendly format. We believe that this approach will provide easy access to information essential for sign-out. It is not meant as a substitute for lavishly illustrated, comprehensive textbooks, but to complement them as a practical aid. We hope that this text will materially aid in continuing efforts to recognize, understand, and accurately interpret the gross and light microscopic findings in anatomic pathology specimens.

Medicine Book Free: Essentials of Anatomic Pathology



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