Written by residents. fellows. and atte nding staff, PocketAnesthesia provide s a pra ctical, co ncise, up-to-date source of information for management o f the most common pe r -ope r ative conditio ns facing tcday’s ane sthesia provider.

Our goal in writ ing this pocket guide was to pro vide a useful, evidence-based refere nce which provider s can refer to, in ord er to quickly find the most relevant informat io n they need .

Pocket Anesthesia PDF
Pocket Anesthesia PDF

We are grateful for the support of all o ur co nt r ibutors from many different inst itutio ns, as well as the hcusesta ff fellows, and attendings at both the Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals. As physicians. we feel privileged to work with an incredible group of individuals who sup por t our clinical act ivities each day.This includes our surgical co lleagues. nursing and suppor t staff. We are especially indebted to a number of individuals, whose unend ing support and encouragement made t his wor k possible.These include Drs.Jeanine wlener-Krcotsh, CharlesVacant i,Warren Zapol,Warren Sandbe rg and Beverly Philip.We would like to thank the Lippincott Williams & Wilkins staff, including Nicole Dernoski, Brian Brown. and LisaMcAllister. We would also like to thank Drs.vanessa Henke and Samuel Seiden for their outsta nding editorial contri bution s and clinical insight. Finally. a very special than ks to ou r parents and families for t heir cont inued encouragement. love and support. We hope that you find PocketAnesthesia a valuable resou rce .
PERIOPERATIVE BETA-BLOCKER THERAPY (NONCARDIAC SURGERY) • Perioperative ~-blockers may-i cardiac events &mortality (controversial, as recentdata suggests may t morbidity) • Pts already on ~-blocker therapy should be continued • Consider initiation of ~-blocker therapy in: • Pts who have an indication for ~-blocker • Major vascular surgery

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