I have been deeply amazed and grateful to see how the Case Files® books have been so well received, and have helped students to learn more effectively.

In the 10 short years since Case Files®: Internal Medicine has first made it in print, the series has now multiplied to span the most of the clinical and the basic science disciplines, and has been translated into over a dozen foreign languages. Numerous students have sent encouraging remarks, suggestions, and recommendations, Three completely new cases have been written. Updated or new sections include health maintenance, nephritic syndrome, arthritis, diabetes, heart failure, and hyperlipidemia. This fourth edition has been a collaborative work with my wonderful coauthors and contributors, and with the suggestions from four generations of students.

Case Files Internal Medicine 4th Edition PDF
Case Files Internal Medicine 4th Edition PDF

Truly, the enthusiastic encouragement from students throughout not just the United States but worldwide provides me the inspiration and energy to continue to write. It is thus with humility that I offer my sincere thanks to students everywhere … for without students, how can a teacher teach? The curriculum that evolved into the ideas for this series was inspired by Philbert Yau and Chuck Rosipal, two talented and forthright students, who have since graduated from medical school. It has been a tremendous joy to work with my excellent coauthors, especially Dr. John Patlan, who exemplifies the qualities of the ideal physician—caring, empathetic, and avid teacher, and who is intellectually unparalleled. Dr. Patlan would like to acknowledge several excellent medical students from the University of Texas Medical School who thoughtfully reviewed many of the cases and offered detailed advice on how to improve this book: Adam Banks, Irving Basanez, Hubert Chodkiewicz, Stephen Fisher, Amber Gill, Matthew Hogue, Michael Holmes, Luke Martin, Colin Massey, and Janice Wilson. I am greatly indebted to my editor, Catherine Johnson, whose exuberance, experience, and vision helped to shape this series.
I appreciate McGraw-Hill’s believing in the concept of teaching through clinical cases. I am also grateful to Catherine Saggese for her excellent production expertise, and Cindy Yoo for her wonderful editing. I cherish the ever-organized and precise Ridhi Mathur project manager. It has been a privilege and honor to work with one of the brightest medical students I have encountered, Molly Dudley who was the principal student reviewer of this book. She enthusiastically provided feedback and helped to emphasize the right material. I appreciate Linda Bergstrom for her sage advice and support. At Methodist, I appreciate Drs. Judy Paukert, Dirk Sostman, Marc Boom, and Alan Kaplan who have welcomed our residents; Debby Chambers, a brilliant administrator and Linda Elliott, who holds the department together. Without my dear colleagues, Drs. Konrad Harms, Priti Schachel, and Gizelle Brooks Carter, this book could not have been written. Most of all, I appreciate my ever-loving wife Terri, and our four wonderful children, Andy, Michael, Allison, and Christina, for their patience and understanding.

Medical PDF Free: Case Files Internal Medicine 4th Edition PDF



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