Geriatric medicine is practised by many different clinicians in a wide variety of settings: hospital wards, outpatient clinics, day hospitals, general practitioner surgeries, care homes and the patient’s own home.

Most doctors will spend a large part of their time dealing with older patients, which is why geriatric medicine is important. It is also a challenge: illness in older people often presents in atypical ways; and there is sometimes an inaccurate perception that little can be done to help them, or that their problems are ‘social’ rather than medical. The ABC of Geriatric Medicine is written as an introduction to the specialty. The chapters are based on the UK’s postgraduate curriculum for geriatric medicine and cover both general and specifi c aspects of medicine for older people, with further resources. This book is for doctors in training – in hospital or general practice – and for medical students and specialist nurses. It can also be used as a resource for teaching. We hope you enjoy using it.

 ABC of Geriatric Medicine PDF
ABC of Geriatric Medicine PDF

Interpretation of the text The conditions discussed in this book refer specifi cally to older people and it should not be assumed that the same approach is relevant in younger patients, unless specifi cally stated. The text and fi gures refer mainly to geriatric medicine in the UK; however, many of the principles apply to other developed countries. The editors would like to thank Mary Banks of Wiley-Blackwell for allowing this project to go ahead, and to the rest of the Wiley-Blackwell team for all their hard work. Thanks also go to the authors and to Dr Jon Martin, specialist registrar in radiology, Leeds, for his help in providing and interpreting radiological images for publication.

Medical PDF Free: ABC of Geriatric Medicine PDF



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