The main goals of Genetics: A Conceptual Approach have always been to help students uncover and make connections between the major concepts of genetics. Throughout the five preceding editions of this book, its accessible writing style, simple and instructive illustrations, and useful pedagogical features have helped students develop a fuller understanding of genetics

SaplingPlus for Genetics: A Conceptual Approach The sixth edition is now fully supported in SaplingPlus. This comprehensive and robust online teaching and learning platform incorporates online homework with the eBook, all instructor and student resources, and powerful gradebook functionality. Students benefit from just-in-time hints and feedback specific to their misconceptions to develop their problem-solving skills, while instructors benefit from automatically graded homework and robust gradebook diagnostics.

Medical Books: Genetics: A Conceptual Approach - 2016
Medical Books: Genetics: A Conceptual Approach – 2016

NEW Active learning components One of my main goals for this new edition is to provide better resources for active learning. In this edition, I have added Think-Pair-Share questions, which require students to work, and learn, in groups. These questions not only focus on the genetics topics covered in the chapter, but also tie them to genetics in medicine, agriculture, and other aspects of human society. An online instructor guide provides resources for instructors leading the in-class discussion.

Chapter Opening Think-Pair-Share Questions get students to discuss the chapter opening story itself and to connect it with what they know about genetics. End-of-Chapter Think-Pair-Share Questions provide more challenging problem solving for students to work on in groups and encourage them to discuss the bigger-picture aspects of the material they learned in the chapter. They also allow students to connect the material they have learned to broader genetics topics.

Medical Books: Genetics: A Conceptual Approach – 2016



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