Present-day cardiology is undergoing immense advancements. ECG still remains the key stone in the clinical management of various cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Currently, interpreting ECG for medicos is a difficult task.

So my efforts into this book endeavor to equip them to interpret ECG confidently and independently. )>> My experience with trying to understand ECG as an undergraduate made me realize that all the current books on ECG are merely a source of information. So unlike other books, the purpose of this book is to help medicos to develop a systematic approach to ECG and come to a diagnosis in a clinical set-up. However, reading the book alone will not suffice until interpreting is not put into practice. )>> Your opinion is valuable. I request you to give me a feedback and help in improvement of this book to my E-mail: )>> In the end, )>> “Observe, record, tabulate, and communicate. Use your five senses. Learn to see, learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to smell and know that by practice alone you can become expert.”

Medical Books Free Learn ECG in a Day PDF
Medical Books Free Learn ECG in a Day PDF

Interpretation of electrocardiograph is an essential part of cardiovascular diagnosis. )>> ECG is an important diagnostic tool in the diagnosis of cardiac as well as some metabolic problems. To read an ECG correctly, one has to be thorough with the basic knowledge of electromechanical system of the heart. It also requires a lot of imaginations and logic conclusions. )>> Teaching ECG to an undergraduate student is a challenging task for the teacher. The teacher has to use a lot of innovative ideas to kindle an interest in the student to the interpretation of ECG. )>> I am extremely proud of my student, Dr Sajjan, who took keen interest in my ECG classes and with his strong foundation of cardiology and multimedia skills, brought out this practical book Learn ECG in a Day: A Systematic Approch. He made it very simple, interesting and practical by using his own innovative ideas and methods.

Medical Books Free: Learn ECG in a Day PDF



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