Applied Respiratory Pathophysiology – Respiratory diseases affect about 20% of the population and are responsible for a marked human and socio-economic burden.

Since the latter part of the twentieth century, there has been impressive progress in understanding the mechanisms of these conditions and developments in their assessment and treatment, with many new agents now offered to treat those ailments.

Medical Book Free: Applied Respiratory Pathophysiology - 2017
Medical Book Free: Applied Respiratory Pathophysiology – 2017

It is of utmost importance for the clinician and those interested in respiratory diseases to know the etiologic factors and pathophysiology of the latter, to better understand the rationale for assessments and therapeutic interventions, and to know the various factors influencing their outcomes.

The aim of this book – Applied Respiratory Pathophysiology is therefore to gather the most updated notions about mechanisms and determinants of the most common respiratory diseases. It does not aim to provide an indepth discussion of basic molecular mechanisms but to synthetize them in a practical way, to provide clinicians with what is needed to better define the various forms of disease and the targets of therapy.

Treatments are not discussed in detail but their mechanisms of action and indications are described. We hope that this publication will be helpful to all those interested in respiratory conditions, including students, researchers, physicians, and other health professionals.

Medical Book Free: Applied Respiratory Pathophysiology – 2017




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