A Practical Guide to Hospital Dentistry – Dentistry in general and maxillofacial surgery in particular has seen an unprecedented advancement by leaps and bounds during the past decade. Dental and maxillofacial surgery has become an inevitable part of the Trauma, Head and Neck and Aesthetic Surgery teams. Dentistry is keeping pace with the fast track progress technology
is making. Dental surgeons who work in a hospital set up need to update their knowledge on in-patient management.

Dr. George Varghese, a renowned maxillofacial surgeon and a teacher with repute for the past two decades and more, working in close quarters with Plastic, ENT, Neuro and general surgeons is the apt person to pen this book, ‘A Practical Guide to Hospital Dentistry’.

I am sure A Practical Guide to Hospital Dentistry will be helpful for house-surgeons, post-graduate students and general dental surgeons who work in hospitals. This is a reference book not only to dental surgeons but to other specialists as well. One
of the first of its kind, I am sure, this will be a hotly sought after practical guide.

A Practical Guide to Hospital Dentistry

During the past two decades the hospital environment, needs and expectations of the society as well as the medical
profession have made a quantum leap. In the past, with minimal personnel and material support the hospital
dentist cared for patients in primitive ambulatory care facilities and operating rooms. Their work was mainly
restricted to management of acute infections and dentoalveolar trauma. The advances made in modern diagnostic
and therapeutic dentistry as well as in maxillofacial surgery has widened the scope of hospital dental practice.
And at the same time it has increased the duties and responsibilities of the dentists working in hospitals.
This book is intended mainly for postgraduate students, fresh graduates and students who are about to start
or continue their training in the hospital environment and also for the general dentists who are members of
the hospital dental department or serve as part time consultants in hospitals.

This book – A Practical Guide to Hospital Dentistry also will be a guide to the administrators to establish and direct the dental department in an efficient manner consistent with the needs of the hospital, the profession and the society. Even though certain books are available on hospital dental practice, they are published from western countries which are written to suit to their existing needs and requirements.

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