Other Landmarks in the Neck

• Ratwma o Thin, broad sheet of musde within superficial fascia of the neck

• Amusde of facial eq3ression, tensing the skin

• Draws comers of mouth down, as in a grimace, and depresses mandible

• Sternal jugulanein o Deep to platwma, descends from angle to mandible to midpoint of deicle o Useful fcc assessment of venous filling with patient sitting at 45 degrees

• Stemodeidomasbid (SCA/ o Key landmark of neck o Divides neck into anterior and posterior triangles (Section 1-4: Head and Neck – Neck)

Atlas of Human Anatomy 5th Edition
Atlas of Human Anatomy 5th Edition

• Stemal head attaches to manubrium of stemum

• Oavicular head attaches to superior middle third of clavicle o Can be seen and palpated when acting unilaterally to flex and rotate head and neck to one side, so that ear approaches shoulder and chin turns in the opposite direction
Landmarks of the Face

• Gabella o Smooth midline prominence on the frontal bone o Located above the root of the nose, between supraorbital margins

• Agomatic arch

• Forms prcminence of cheek

• Can palpate superficial temporal artery at lateral end o Prone to fractures in facial tauma

• Mastoid process o Bony prominence behind eternal acoustic meatus o Site of proimal attachment stemodeidomastoid musde

• Inion-prominent point of eternal occipital protuberance at back of head

• Auride-part of e>ternal ear

• Skin-cowred cartilage. ecept for lotule

• Features indude: pirna: tragus: antitragus and helix

• Sternal nose o Slceleton mainlycartilaginous o DUSUM Sends from root to apex o Inferior surface has thy openings or nares (nostrils)

• Bounded laterally by alae of nose

• Separated byskin over nasal septum

• Philtrum-midline infranasal depression of upper lip

• hobsseter musde o Felt over ramus of mandible when teeth are clenched o Parotid dud can be palpated at medial border (dud opens over second molar inside cheek)

• Temporalis musde can be felt above 4gomatic arch when teeth denched

• Facial arterycan be palpated over tomer margin bodyof mandible in line with a point one fingerbreadth lateral to the angle of the mouth

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