The steady growth of various dental specialties witnessed in the last century is continuing unabated in this century also. This is evidenced by the development of newer subspecialties in dentistry like cosmetic dentistry and implantology. However, oral surgery and dentoalveolar surgery that is considered as one of the oldest branches of dentistry has not lost its relevance today.

Rather it still remains the core of general dental practice. Impacted teeth and their management is one of the difficulties that general dental practitioners face in the practice of oral surgery.Though one covers the theoretical aspects on the management of impacted teeth during the undergraduate studies, the applied part very often comes only in the actual clinical practice. Naturally doubts may arise regarding the management of different problems. This book is intended as the name suggests to be a practical guide on the management of different problems related to impacted tooth that the practitioner faces in the day today practice. Our first book titled A Handbook on the Management of Impacted Teeth published in 2002 was well received by the dental fraternity so much so that now the book is out of print.Since then there has been numerous requests from our colleagues, students and general dental practitioners for a more detailed one highlighting the practical aspects of the topic. Hope this book will reach up to your expectations.

A Practical Guide to the Management of Impacted Teeth PDF

A Practical Guide to the Management of Impacted Teeth PDF

This book has been divided into two sections. The first section illustrates the management of impacted third molar and the second section deals with the management of impacted canine. In addition section two has chapters on the management of impacted premolars and supernumerary teeth. Special emphasis has been given for the localization of impacted teeth and its relationship to adjoining structures using modern imaging modalities. Similarly instruments required for the surgical removal is also included as a separate chapter. Though this book is intended for the general dental practitioners and the undergraduate students this will be a handy guide for the postgraduates too. There may be errors of omission and commission. Any comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Praying for your blessings, wholehearted support and cooperation.

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