Learning and practicing medicine is very time and actually life consuming. In this complex profession a high level of organizational skills is needed to perform your daily duties. Time will become very precious and you will need to become a master of your time: an expert manager of time.

However, even perfect organizational skills will not help you to reach goals if you have not defined where you want to go, how you want to live your life and what is important for you. So there is a need for life management as well. With this first edition of Time & Life Management for Medical Students and Residents I address what typical medical textbooks do not teach: how to become efficient in the micromanagement of your daily routine and how to keep the perspective of your life as a whole.

Free Medical Book PDF: Mastering the DRCOG PDF
Free Medical Book PDF: Mastering the DRCOG PDF

It is amazing how efficient some of the young residents manage their workload and have a fulfilled and happy life outside the hospital. Unfortunately these guys are pretty rare. It is much more common to see highly motivated residents crash or underperform: in their professional and private life. After 20 years of involvement in Resident training programs I strongly believe that most of the catastrophes could have been prevented and that most of us would benefit from some structural education in time and life management. I hope that this small book helps you to improve your quality of life (and as you are a physician) ultimately also the well-being of your patients as well.

Free Medical Book PDF: Mastering the DRCOG PDF



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