In compiling the cases for this volume, we sought to create a high-value resource for trainees learning the basics of gastrointestinal imaging (fluoroscopy, CT, and MR) and also for those studying for board and certifying examinations.

To that end, we have included all of the topics listed at the time of this writing in the Gastrointestinal Imaging section of the publicly available American Board of Radiology Core Exam and Maintenance of Certification study guides. To round out the 300 cases in this teaching file, we included additional fluoroscopy, CT, and MR cases that we hope you will find interesting and educational. Cases are grouped into three chapters based on modality so that trainees can use this teaching file efficiently during modality-based rotations. We hope that you will find this collection of cases to be a helpful resource as you train your eye to recognize findings at fluoroscopy, review the variety of diagnoses that can be made at CT, and get your feet wet with the basics of body MR.

Free Medical Book PDF: Gastrointestinal Imaging A Teaching File PDF
Free Medical Book PDF: Gastrointestinal Imaging A Teaching File PDF

Teaching Files are one of the hallmarks of education in radiology. When there was a need for a comprehensive series to provide the resident and practicing radiologist with the kind of personal consultation with the experts normally found only in the setting of a teaching hospital, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins was proud to have created a series that answers this need. Actual cases have been culled from extensive teaching files in major medical centers. The discussions presented mimic those performed on a daily basis between residents and faculty members in all radiology departments. This series is designed so that each case can be studied as an unknown. A consistent format is used to present each case. A brief clinical history is given, followed by several images. Then, relevant findings, differential diagnosis, and final diagnosis are given, followed by a discussion of the case. The authors thereby guide the reader through the interpretation of each case. This year we’ve made additional changes to the series. Cases have been randomized to better prepare the reader for the challenges of the clinical setting. In addition, to answer the growing demand for Web-based product, we have included more cases online, which has left us, in turn, able to offer a more cost-effective product. We hope that this series will continue to be a trusted teaching tool for radiologists at any stage of training or practice, and that it will also be a benefit to clinicians whose patients undergo these imaging studies.

Free Medical Book PDF: Gastrointestinal Imaging A Teaching File PDF



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