The release of the Third Revised Edition of Pathology Quick Review and MCQs simultaneous to the release of the Sixth Edition of its parent book, Textbook of Pathology, marks the completion of 10 years since its first launch. The satisfied users of this ancillary handy learning material during the decade have surely encouraged me and the publisher to continue the convention of providing the baby-book as a package with the mother-book. Besides, with this edition, a third learning resource has been added for the benefit of users—the buyer of the package now gets free access to the highly useful website containing all the images and tables
included in the main textbook which can be used as an additional learning tool by the students for self-assessment and quick review of the subject while teachers may use the downloadable figures and tables for inclusion in their lectures.

The companion Pathology Quick Review and MCQs is the abridged version of sixth revised edition of my textbook and has been aimed to serve the following twin purposes as before: For beginner students of Pathology who have undertaken an in-depth study of the main book earlier may like to revise the subject in a relatively short time from Pathology Quick Review and MCQs and may also undertake self-test on the MCQs given at the end of each chapter.

Pathology Quick Review and MCQs

For senior students and interns preparing for their postgraduate and other entrance examinations who are confronted with revision of all medical subjects besides pathology in a limited time, this book is expected to act as the main source material for quick revision and also expose them to MCQs based on essential pathology. Pathology Quick Review Pathology Quick Review and MCQs has the same 30 chapters
divided into sections as in the main textbook—Section I:

Chapters 1-11 (General Pathology and Basic Techniques),

Section II: Chapters 12-14 (Haematology and Lymphoreticular Tissues), Section III: Chapters 15-30 (Systemic Pathology) and an Appendix containing essential Normal

Values. Each major heading in the small book has crossreferences of page numbers of the 6th edition of my textbook so that an avid and inquisitive reader interested in simultaneous consultation of the topic or for clarification of a doubt, may refer to it conveniently. Self-Assessment by MCQs given at the end of every chapter which keeps Pathology Quick Review and MCQs apart from other similar books, has over 100 new questions raising their number to over 700 MCQs in the revised edition, besides modifying many old ones. While much more knowledge has been condensed in the babybook from the added material in the main textbook, effort has been made not to significantly increase the volume of Pathology Quick Review and MCQs . It is hoped that the book with enhanced and updated contents continues to be user-friendly in learning the essential aspects of pathology, while at the same time, retaining the ease with which it can be conveniently carried by the users in the pocket of their white coats.

Preparation of this little book necessitated selection from enhanced information contained in the revised edition of my textbook and therefore, required application of my discretion, combined with generous suggestions from colleagues and users of earlier edition. In particular, valuable suggestions and help came from Drs Shailja and Tanvi, Senior Residents in the department, which is gratefully acknowledged. Pathology Quick Review and MCQs

I thank profusely the entire staff of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. for their ever smiling support and cooperation in completion of this book in a relatively short time, just after we had finished the mammoth task of revision work of sixth edition of the main textbook. Pathology Quick Review and MCQs

Finally, although sincere effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, element of human error is still likely; I shall humbly request users to continue giving their valuable suggestions directed at further improvements of its contents.

Free Medical Book: PATHOLOGY Quick Review and MCQs



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