Medical Biochemistry – This is the English version of the 10th Spanish edition of Química Biológica, published by El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The book – Medical Biochemistry is primarily intended for premedical and medical students. It presents a comprehensive and updated view of the biochemical processes that occur in the human body in health and disease.

Free Medical Book: Medical Biochemistry - 1st Edition (2017)
Free Medical Book: Medical Biochemistry – 1st Edition (2017)

Preparing a Biochemistry textbook for students being interested in the medical field poses a great challenge. This requires the selection, from the enormous amount of information available, of the data that will be most relevant to the future physician; the presentation and discussion of the material in a didactic manner to facilitate the learning process; and an up-todate revision of the topics that include the most important discoveries resulting from the rapid progress in the Biological Sciences and Biochemistry areas

Following the experience that we have acquired by teaching biochemistry for medical students over the years, our approach to this book – Medical Biochemistry was to start describing elemental biochemical concepts, continue developing each topic incorporating more complex concepts and new discoveries with sound experimental basis, widely accepted by the scientific community, and emphasizing their relevance to different clinical scenarios

Our purpose with this textbook has been to offer a useful tool that will help students learn the bases of Biochemistry and that will serve as a reference for more advanced biochemical concepts, which will cover the needs of the future professionals working in the health care area.

We hope that the textbook will also spark in the reader, their curiosity and interest for scientific research, which will help to continue expanding the frontiers of knowledge

Free Medical Book: Medical Biochemistry – 1st Edition (2017)



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