In order to seek medical examination and treatment, medicine must carefully study the pathological changes in the structure and function of organs, tissues and cells of the body.

“Rubin’s Pathology” provides background knowledge about pathology, a material for teaching and learning at medical schools.

The book is carefully updated and edited by a full range of pathologists. In addition to the main and familiar chapters such as circulatory, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, endocrine, metabolic syndrome, obesity, this study also adds a series of major contents such as aging, autoimmune disease. , forensic disease, pregnancy, sepsis.

The presentation design of the book has large parts such as pathogenic mechanism, pathogenesis of systemic diseases, pathologies of organs in the body.

Accompanying the rich content are the illustrations with colors and images from histopathology to the visual transformation of the observed eye. This is a valuable document in medical bookcases.

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