The DRCOG examination is a test of knowledge of women’s health care. The seven modules of the syllabus are basic clinical skills and basic surgical skills, antenatal care, management of labour and delivery, postpartum problems, gynaecological problems, plus fertility control. A thorough description of the topics covered in each of these modules is available on the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)

Format of the paper The written paper is a 3-hour exam, and currently there is no OSCE exam. The time is equally divided between paper one and paper two. Paper one consists of 30 extended matching questions (EMQs) and 18 single best answers (SBAs). Paper two is 200 five-part multiple choice questions (MCQs). There are a total of 350 marks, divided as follows: EMQs – 105 marks (30%): Mark for each correct answer: 3.5 MCQs – 200 marks (57.1%): Mark for each correct answer: 1 SBAs – 45 marks (12.9%): Mark for each correct answer: 2.5 The RCOG website provides details about the format ( education-and-exams/examinations/drcog/drcog-format) with set examples for EMQs, SBAs and MCQs.

Free Download Medical: Get Through DRCOG SBAs EMQs and McQs PDF
Free Download Medical: Get Through DRCOG SBAs EMQs and McQs PDF

Extended matching questions (EMQs) This section comprises 30 EMQs and each EMQ paper consists of 10 options with three questions: you need to match each question, statement or clinical scenario with one of the 10 options available. The questions are of a more practical nature than scientific. They focus on the whole syllabus and on common, rather than rare, conditions, e.g. pregnant women presenting with bleeding, vaginal discharge, vomiting or asking for advice after contact with someone with an infectious disease. It is expected that one should be able to make differentials, give advice and treat common conditions presenting in pregnancy. When answering EMQs, one should be able to formulate an answer before going through the 10 options and then look to see if it fits with one of the answer options. This can save time and avoid confusion. Sometimes there can be two answers that are similar, so try to choose the most likely one. If you don’t know the topic well..

Free Download Medical: Get Through DRCOG SBAs EMQs and McQs PDF



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