Clinical medicine requires evidence-based practice. The most common evidence is that research results are published in prestigious journals. The book “How to Read a Paper” shows how to study a medical research article, how to evaluate articles and applications that can be practiced.

This book presents the structure of an article, the partial meaning in the article. It guides the bases for evaluating a highly reliable research paper, summarizing important information, and new evidence in the article.

From the evidence provided, the book also guides the steps of analysis and application of such evidence in practical work, especially in clinical practice. This book was edited and published for the 5th time with new updates with a variety of reference materials, illustrative examples.

In addition, the book also contains a chapter on evidence-based use of drugs for patients, along with undesirable effects or effects on other drug groups based on evidence.

This is really a good reference for medical schools as well as clinicians and pharmacists who want to learn about evidence-based medicine practices.

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