We began working on Gray’s Atlas of Anotomy in 2005 following the publication of our textbook, Gray’s Anatomy for Students.

We wanted to produce an atlas that would build on themes and concepts established in the textbook and that would couple artistic renderings of “internal” gross anatomy with actual “living” anatomy, as visualized with modern imaging techniques and with surface anatomy. We believe that the final atlas presents a fresh and integrated approach to anatomy that is accessible toentry-level students in anatomy, as well as to students at more advanced levels.

Free Books PDF: Gray's Atlas of Anatomy
Free Books PDF: Gray’s Atlas of Anatomy

textbook, we could not simply repackage figures used in Groy’s Anotomy for Studentsand put them in the atlas. Consequently, most of the figures in the atlas are new and were designed to present structures in a more complete contexthan in the textbook, even though the color palate and overallook of the figures in both the atlas and textbook are similar. Also, figures in the atlas provide additional detail not included in the textbook and directly correlate artistic representations of anatomy with computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRl). Where appropriate, we have included endoscopic, laryngoscopic, and laparoscopic views of the anatomy and have included examples of ultrasound images. In a number of regions, we also have reconstructed the internal anatomy of patients by abstracting specific information from multiple MR or CT images, and we present these reconstructions together with artwork of the same anatomy. Although the artwork was done independently of the reconstructed images, the two types of representations are strikingly simila

Each page of this atlas was planned prior to beginning work on the figures, and all of the artwork was generatedigitally. Most of the figures were created from an extensive digital database created for the textbook.

Each figure was reviewed for accuracy and revised accordingly. We hope that the textbook and atlas used together will provide new and powerful learning tools for students of human gross anatomy

Free Books PDF: Gray’s Atlas of Anatomy



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