Human Body PDF – to use while homeschooling my 4 year old, and it is amazing. I love all of the detailed pictures and descriptions that aren’t over my head. It is a great tool to help him learn about the body and its functions since he wanted to go more into depth about it.

eBooks Online: Human Body PDF
eBooks Online: Human Body PDF


Perfect for getting ahead at school or just stimulating children’s interest, this groundbreaking series of workbooks leaves the competition in the dust. Each features a 48-page, full-color workbook, a fact-filled “wonderwheel,” and a topical wall chart, all fully integrated to offer incredible depth and breadth on each exciting topic. Never before have workbooks contained so many opportunities for interactive learning!

Medical Books Info

  • Categories: Anatomy
  • Year:2007
  • Publisher:DK CHILDREN
  • Language:english
  • Pages:52
  • ISBN 10:0756630339
  • ISBN 13:9780756630331
  • Series:Eyewitness Workbooks
  • File:PDF, 5.62 MB

eBooks Online: Human Body PDF



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