“The Neurology of Consciousness: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropathology” is the second edition that has supplemented and updated many new information from scientific works on human consciousness.

The previous book The Neurology of Consciousness presents the basics of neurology, the functions of consciousness.

This newly updated book has provided an easy-to-understand explanation and analysis of the human consciousness in terms of science. Among them are studies of consciousness that are explained based on modern scientific bases.

Until now, the topic of human consciousness has always been a very interesting topic. There are explanations on the scientific point of view, besides there are many theories based on religion and beliefs in explaining the spirit and consciousness of people.

In this new book ( The Neurology of Consciousness), a lot of research by world-famous scientists has been applied as a theoretical basis for the contents of the book.

This is an extremely valuable material for scientists, students can continue to study, reference, study.

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