The human brain governs the activity of organs in the body. Physical lesions in the brain or brain damage caused by other systemic diseases can cause the brain to lose the function of controlling one or more areas of injury.

One of the most common disorders is consciousness disorder. The patient may be drowsy, lethargic (loss of consciousness).

The state of consciousness disorders, coma is very common in emergency cases especially related to cranial trauma, stroke or hypoxic body.

The coma of the patient due to many different causes. Therefore, to successfully treat patients, it is necessary to properly diagnose and treat those causes. The more brain damage is treated early, the higher the patient’s ability to recover.

If the diagnosis and treatment is late, the resilience of the patient is difficult and often leaves sequelae with a lot of long-term complications and complications related to the interventions to support living function. The head is the risk of infection.

The book “Plum and Posner Diagnosis of Stupor and Coma 4th edition” is an update of leading neurologists and specialists in the field of emergency diagnosis and treatment for coma patients.

The content of this book is about clinical and subclinical examination needed for people with conscious disorders. Since then diagnose the cause, treatment intervention, prognosis. In addition, the long-term care for patients along with mental support issues for their relatives.

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