Download Medical Books: Netter’s Pediatrics, 1e (Netter Clinical Science) serves as a tribute to medical education and mentoring in all its forms. It spans a cycle of mentoring that began for me more than 40 years ago. It underscores the value of the mentoring process from that time to today

More than 40 years ago, as a medical student, I relied on the masterful work of Frank Netter. In every sense he seemed like a helpful sage mentor. Learning from other standard textbooks was certainly possible, but the Netter drawings took me by the hand, opened my mind to anatomy, physiology, pathogenesis, and clinical signs and symptoms in a very personal way. Gray’s Anatomy Textbook had all the detail, but studying it felt almost austere, untouchable. Frank Netter was warm and welcoming the way any good mentor establishes a positive learning environment. Dr. Netter and those who followed him taught entire generations of physicians through the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words was multiplied many times over by a Netter illustration. When offered the opportunity to co-edit Netter’s Pediatrics, 1e (Netter Clinical Science) , which might help to recirculate the Netter illustrations, it was my immediate reaction to sign on. Our hope was that these illustrations would be available to touch the lives of the next generations of pediatric trainees

However, this volume had other mentoring dimensions as well. First was the opportunity to work with three outstanding chief residents, Todd Florin, MD, the co-editor, and Paul Aronson, MD, and Heidi Werner, MD, the two associate editors. Having worked with them over three years of pediatric residency at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and during one additional year as chief residents, the choice to continue our collaboration was a mentor’s dream. It was a chance to produce something of enduring value as a team. Although all of our careers have moved forward in new directions, this was a chance to hold on to a certain chemistry we shared. This is the first major textbook that will bear their names, but you will hear their names often in the future, as I am certain they will be leaders in pediatrics. This may be their first book – Netter’s Pediatrics, 1e (Netter Clinical Science) , but I assure you it will not be their last

When formulating our concepts of the book – Netter’s Pediatrics, 1e (Netter Clinical Science) , we decided to make it a mentoring project in itself. All of the chapters were written by more-junior faculty, fellows, and residents. Each was supervised by a section editor who helped these young but talented authors get their chapters written, edited, and into print. For some authors this represents their first major publication. For many there were lessons learned along the way. For all there was a chance to build a relationship with a more senior section editor. To these section editors we owe a great debt of gratitude. With all the technologic advances in medicine and our deepening understanding of the basis of diseases and therapeutics, we are all still benefiting from the time-worn traditions of medicine. Netter’s Pediatrics showed us the way. Senior faculty working one on one with more-junior people. Mentoring — the apprenticeship model — still at the heart of our academic process. Our hope is that this volume will aid you in the care of children. We hope these words and drawings will bring the subject matter alive and help you derive as much practice knowledge and pleasure from using Netter’s Pediatrics as we experienced in bringing it to you.

Download Medical Books:Netter’s Pediatrics, 1e (Netter Clinical Science)



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