Subclinical screening methods are increasingly playing an important role in the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment effectiveness.

One of the methods of diagnostic imaging is very meaningful, born early and continues to exist, development in modern medicine is Radiology method. This method is quite popular in medical facilities, the cost is not high, giving fast results, helping doctors to make diagnosis quickly and more accurately.

Therefore, medical training programs for specialized junior students or senior students have focused on imaging problems, especially Radiology, in the teaching program. This helps early students be able to work on patients after graduation.

There are also more modern methods such as CT, MRI.

Truly necessary “Radiology for Undergraduate Finals and Foundation Years” is a teaching material for teachers as well as learning materials for medical students.

In this book, concepts, principles, and shooting procedures are fully presented. Besides, there are illustrations along with instructions for reading very specific results.

In addition, this radiology book also guides the principles and conditions for appointing patients to be photographed.

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