Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and it is not compulsory that everyone must agree with your opinions. When it comes to the selection of books and all that stuff for preps people always get confused and it becomes worse when they take opinions from others. I am not saying you shouldn’t do this but when you take advice from others just make sure you have the courage for taking a final decision.

Listen to all of them then try to collect information and analyze them according to your situation and needs. Now, this article belongs to Samson notes and as you already know I will try my best to convince you guys that these notes will play a vital role in your preps. Many would agree with me and some may disagree and it’s up to you to find out whether these notes can match your study plans or you are better off without them.

Best Medical Books: Samson Notes For PLAB PDF
Best Medical Books: Samson Notes For PLAB PDF

Samson notes indeed play an important role in your studies for PLAB. Few of mine seniors who attempted PLAB are recommending these notes and they also recommend that one should go for Samson center. Samson PLAB academy also covers your PLAB clinical examination. They are one of the best one to start with.

Best Medical Books: Samson Notes For PLAB PDF



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